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Moustache Guard

Patent US426723

Invention Mustache-Guard

Filed Friday, 17th January 1890

Published Tuesday, 29th April 1890

Inventor William Purdy Hellings

Language English

Does away with the disgusting habit of sucking the mustache

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  • B26B21/00
    Razors of the open or knife type; Safety razors or other shaving implements of the planing type; Hair-trimming devices involving a razor-blade; Equipment therefor
  • B
    Performing Operations; Transporting
  • B26
    Hand Cutting Tools; Cutting; Severing
  • B26B
    Hand-Held Cutting Tools Not Otherwise Provided For

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No. 426,723.Patented Apr. 29, 1890.
United States Patent Office.

William Purdy Hellings, of Aurora, Nebraska. Mustache-Guard.
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 426,723, dated April 29, 1890. Application filed January 17, 1890. Serial No. 337,265. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, William Purdy Hellings, a citizen of the United States, residing at Aurora, in the county of Hamilton and State of Nebraska, have invented a new and useful Mustache Guard or Protector, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to a mustache guard or protector, the object of which is to provide a guard for the mustache while in the act of eating or drinking, the guard being arranged over the mustache and securely kept in position by temple-bars fastened to the guard and passing back along the temples and over and behind the ears.

To the ends above named the invention consists, preferably, of fine or invisible wire-netting, around the edge of which is secured a band of gold, silver, steel, iron, or other suitable material, and on the upper edge is secured temple-bars of similar material with rim or band by means of hinges of similar material.

The guard may be made of gold or silver plate, celluloid, bone, gutta-percha, or other elastic material.

Reference is to be had to the accompanying drawings, forming a part of this specification.

Figure 1 is a front view of my improved guard, showing its manner of use. Fig. 2 is an enlarged rear view of the guard, showing the latter made of imperforate material. Fig. 3 is a side elevation of the guard.

In the drawings, A represents the body of the mustache-guard, made of fine wire-netting 1, having preferably a convex surface and mounted in a gold frame 5, which frame 5 is connected by the gold hinges 2 with temple-bars 3, also of gold. The temple-bars are so arranged with hinges as to admit of their being folded lengthwise of the guard, so the same may be slipped into a leather or other case to be carried in the upper vest-pocket, if desired.

Fig. 2 represents a mustache-guard made of polished silver plate, showing a solid concave surface 6, to which are arranged silver temple-bars 3, attached by silver hinges 2. Whatever the material of which the guard is made the ends of the body A curve downwardly and then rearwardly and upwardly, as at 4, whereby “ram-horn” hooks are formed at the extremities of the body for receiving and supporting the tips of the mustache. The lower edge 8 of the body A is cut away, as shown, so as to permit the free motions of the lips, and as not to interfere with the passing of eating implements and food into the mouth.

Fig. 1 represents my invention in position, the curved ends 4 supporting the mustache ends and the temple-bars 3 bent at the ends, as at 7, so as to pass behind the ears and securely hold the guard closely to the lip. In this way I provide a guard or protector for the mustache which will enable the wearer of the same having a large mustache to eat or drink without being annoyed by his mustache getting into his victuals and mouth, or his soup or coffee, and doing away with the constant use of the napkin and the disgusting habit that some men have of sucking the mustache to catch the drip.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim is—

1. The herein-described mustache-guard, the same comprising an outwardly-curved body loosely covering the mustache and provided with integral hooks at its ends supporting the mustache ends, and means, substantially as described, for securing said body in position on the face, as set forth.

2. In a mustache-guard, the body A, curved outwardly at its center, its ends being bent down and formed into rearwardly-projecting and upwardly-opening hooks 4, and its lower edge cut on an upward curve 8, in combination with means, substantially as described, for securing said body in position on the face, all as and for the purpose set forth.

3. In a mustache-guard, the body A, having end hooks 4, in combination with the temple-bars 3, having ear-hooks 7, and the hinges 2 between said bars and body, substantially as described.

4. In a mustache-guard, the body A, comprising a frame 5, formed with hooked ends 4, and a wire-net filling 1 within said frame, in combination with the temple-bars 3 and hinges 2 between said bars and frame, substantially as described.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing as my own I have hereto affixed my signature in presence of two witnesses.

William Purdy Hellings.


W. H. Dodd,

W. S. Harlan.