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Moustache Band

Patent US753906

Invention Mustache-Band

Filed Wednesday, 7th October 1903

Published Tuesday, 8th March 1904

Inventor Fidel Oberdorfer

Language English

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No. 753,906.Patented Mar. 8, 1904.
United States Patent Office.

Fidel Oberdorfer, of Heidenheim-on-the-Brenz, Germany. Mustache-Band.
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 753,906, dated March 8, 1904. Application filed October 7, 1903. Serial No. 176,082. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, Fidel Oberdorfer, a subject of the German Emperor, and a resident of Heidenheim-on-the-Brenz, Würtemberg, Germany, have invented a certain new and useful Washable Mustache-Band, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to a mustache-band of any shape and size made from wire-gauze. This band is washable, and in order to protect the ears the elastic attachment cords are conducted round them by means of small tubes bent so as to surround the same.

Mustache-bands hitherto employed were not washable and their attachment-cords were hooked directly round the ears, and thus pressed upon the same.

The annexed drawing shows a perspective view of the object of this invention, in which—

The band a, made of metal gauze cut out so as to obtain the desired object, is furnished upon its longitudinal edges with tissue, leather, &c., folded over once or several times, so as to strengthen it. At these edges the band a is furnished with a certain number of metallic eyelets intended to receive the elastic attaching-cords c. The latter are placed round the ears in small tubes b, the shape whereof corresponds to that of the ear. The attaching-cords c then pass through the eyelets of the bands d, upon which they are retained, so as to permit them to be lengthened or shortened by means of buckles h, slidably arranged upon the bands d. The fixture of the mustache-band to the head may be attained, for instance, by means of a hook e, disposed at the end of one of the attachment-bands and which engages in one of the eyelets g, with which the opposite attachment-band is furnished. The attachment of the mustache-band can evidently be performed in any other appropriate manner.

The wire-gauze is made preferably from non-oxidizing metallic wires—for instance, such as nickel wire or nickeled metal wires.

Having now fully described my said invention, what I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is—

In a washable mustache-band, the combination of a wire-gauze band adapted to engage the mustache, a binder around the edges of said band, eyelets in the ends of said band, loops of elastic material engaging said eyelets, bent tubular guards, through which said elastic loops pass, adapted to carry the latter around the ears of the wearer, and means connecting with said elastic loops for fastening them about the head of the wearer.

Fidel Oberdorfer.

In presence of—

Ernst Entemann,

Robert Blum.