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Patent US543348

Invention Shaving Apparatus

Filed Thursday, 21st December 1893

Published Tuesday, 23rd July 1895

Inventor Friedrich Wilhelm Naumann

Owner Christian Hugo Zimmermann

Language English

Other countries DE74694

See Blade & Shave, Jan. 2015

CPC Classification:   
  • B26B21/446
    Shaving aid stored in the razor handle
  • B
    Performing Operations; Transporting
  • B26
    Hand Cutting Tools; Cutting; Severing
  • B26B
    Hand-Held Cutting Tools Not Otherwise Provided For
  • B26B21/00
    Razors of the open or knife type; Safety razors or other shaving implements of the planing type; Hair-trimming devices involving a razor-blade; Equipment therefor
  • B26B21/40
    Details or accessories
  • B26B21/44
    Means integral with, or attached to, the razor for storing shaving-cream, styptic, or the like

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No. 543,348.Patented July 23, 1895.
United States Patent Office.

Friedrich Wilhelm Naumann, of Leipsic, Germany, assignor to Christian Hugo Zimmermann, of same place. Shaving Apparatus.
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 543,348, dated July 23, 1895. Application filed December 21, 1893. Serial No. 494,278. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, Friedrich Wilhelm Naumann, of Leipsic, in the Kingdom of Saxony, Germany, have invented an Improved Shaving Apparatus, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to a shaving apparatus in which the knife-holder is detachably secured to and closes the lather-holding cup.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 is a longitudinal section of the apparatus on line M M, Fig. 2. Fig. 2 is a cross-section on line N N, Fig.1. Fig. 3 is a plan and Fig. 4 a longitudinal section of the knife-holder detached, and Fig. 5 a similar section of the lather-cup detached.

The letter B represents the semispherical lather-cup that is removably attached to its handle P. To the cup B is furthermore secured by gudgeons d the pivoted knife-holder A, which may be removed from the cup by slightly springing the latter together, so as to liberate the gudgeons. The knife-holder is provided with the ribbed guard b, and with clamps A′, for securing the knife a in place.

To properly close the cup B the knife-holder A is made of the bent form shown in Fig. 1, so that it constitutes a cover for the cup, while its downwardly-bent hook-shaped end f engages a corresponding notch f′ of the cup. In this way the apparatus may be held and used in various positions without permitting the lather to escape. To clean the interior of the cup the knife-holder should be previously removed.

What I claim is—

The combination of a notched lather cup with a pivoted knife holder, a guard secured thereto, a clamp at one side of the guard, and a bent lid at the other side of the guard which has a hook shaped end adapted to engage the cup, substantially as specified.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.

Friedrich Wilhelm Naumann,


Max Matthäi,

Rud. E. Fricke.